Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back-to-School night goodies.....

I offered to bring a treat to Back-to-School night so I thought something bite size would be the best.  And who doesn't love brownies?  These brownies though, are topped with whipped white chocolate ganache and raspberries. Just gives them a little bit more glamour! I decided to use Ghiradelli Brownie box mix.  In the past I've used both scratch recipes and box mixes.  And although not all box mixes are good, I believe the Ghiradelli mix to be as good as scratch.  Not to mention I was pressed for time!  

I also used Ghiradelli white choolate chips for the ganache.  A simple 8oz of chips to 8oz heavy cream was enough to top all the bites.  Once cooled I whipped it up and filled a piping bag. It just so happened that the raspberries were huge!  So each one may wind up being a very LARGE bite size....maybe even 2 bites.  I've made these little gems many times before and they are perfect for a party and always a crowd pleaser.   

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