Friday, February 26, 2010

My Favorite Wine........

Cupcake Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc. Now this isn't my favorite because it's called Cupcake. But the name is what led me to it. My sister-in-law spotted it and immediately thought of me (the baker in the family). I came across it in the store and knew it must be the one she mentioned. I tried it and fell in love. I have also had their Cupcake Cabernet Sauvignon and the fabulous Cupcake Chardonnay. I am no wine connoisseur, but I've had enough in my time to know what I like. I enjoy the light, crisp citrus flavors in this Sauvignon Blanc.

Love their cupcake design.......

I decided to chill mine in the 2 feet of snow on my back porch........

The grapes for the Sauvignon Blanc come from Marlborough, New Zealand. "Here the grapes mature slowly, giving them complexity and a vibrant zing, reminiscent of your grandma's lemon chiffon cupcakes." YUM!
Cupcake Vineyards has a wonderful website and blog that includes some delicious cupcake recipes to pair with many of their wonderful wines. Enjoy!

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