Friday, June 26, 2009

A different kind of krispy....a tutorial

I love rice krispy treats.  I don't like just your normal back of the box treats.  My favorite were the Starbucks krispy treats.  Until one day I decided I could my own that tasted just as good.  So I set out to create a really good krispy treat and much to my delight had great success!  Although I have to say, it's not too difficult to create yummy krispy treats.  Here is how I did it, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

9oz box of rice krispys
1 bag mini marshmallows
1 16oz jar of Fluff
1 stick (1/2 cup) unsalted butter
Crisco with flour baking spray
wooden spoon
rubber spatula
Bakers Secret 8x8 2"deep silicone pan
food scale
large bowl
6qt non-stick saucepot
wax paper
To start, measure out 8oz krispies in the large bowl on the food scale.
Spray corners of pan, rubber spatula and wooden spoon with Crisco spray.
Heat butter in saucepot over med-low heat, once melted add 1/2 container of Fluff, stir till mostly melted and then pour in 1/2 bag of the mini marshmallows.
Heat till mostly melted, stirring the whole time.
Pour in the rice krispies in 3 batches, stirring with the wooden spoon till incorporated, keep saucepot over heat for this so that the marshmallow mix stays soft and warm, that makes it easier to stir in the krispies.  
Once it is all mixed you can add the second half of the mini marshmallows and stir just to distribute them, don't over mix or they will melt and break up and you will not have whole marshmallows in the treats.  
Remove from heat, dump the mix into the silicone pan, using the rubber spatula press down hard so that the mix is level with the edge of the pan, this requires some muscle!
Lay a piece of wax paper over the top and press to smooth.
Leave to cool in the pan, atleast 4 hours. If you remove sooner it will stick to the pan and ruin the shape.  I do not cut my krispies in the pan since it is silicone.  I also like to cut different shapes and sizes. I use a very sharp, 12" knife, and I press down to cut, do not use a sawing motion. For the circle treats I use a 3" tall round metal cutter.

Here is my pan and spatula sprayed with the Crisco.

This is the Fluff being mixed in with the melted butter.

Here is the mix of Fluff and marshmallows melting before the krispies are added.

The mix piled high in the pan!!!  Pressing it all down into the pan yields tightly packed 2" tall treats that cut beautifully.

All packed in nice and neat and ready to cool.

The finished treat out of the pan and ready to be cut up. See how nice and dense it is?  And you can see those whole mini marshmallows. There's lots of other things you can add also: chocolate chips, M&Ms, white chocolate chips, nuts, pretzel bits, the possibilities are endless!
YUM!!!! I cut a circle, square and rectangle.  Ready to be decorated, if they make it that long!

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